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Bespoke Rugs Handmade in England
Bespoke Area Rug Wells Fargo_edited.jpg
Bespoke Design Handmade Area Rug HSBC_ed
Bespoke Area Rug Circle_edited.jpg
Bespoke Area Rug Harrods_edited_edited.j
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Harrods Bespoke handmade in England Area Rug
Loreal Bespoke Area Rug Contract
King Candy Crush Bespoke Area Rug Handmade in England
M and G investments  Bespoke Area Rug_edited.webp
Wells Fargo  Bespoke Area Rug
Deloitte Area Rugs Handmade in England Bespoke
Deutsche Bank  Bespoke Area Rug
Barclays Bank Bespoke Area Rugs

​Custom Handmade Bespoke Rugs

Interior designers and architects from leading practices all over the UK use Clerkenwell Rug Studio to transform their unique designs into custom made area rugs for their clients – any shape, any colour, any size.  Our handmade in England rugs meet all contract requirements – including fire ratings, BREEAM, LEED and the WELL Building accreditations.


Fast Track Rugs

Eco Rugs. Designed to Last Forever.

Our latest rug patterns showcase a chic and contemporary appeal, featuring vibrant and attention grabbing hues that are guaranteed to enhance the ambiance of any area. Whether you seek a standout centrepiece to ground a room or simply a burst of colour to infuse vibrancy into your space, these rugs encompass it all.

Custom Cut curved corners Columbus gold area rug

Custom Cut Area Rugs
Fast Track

Eco Rugs. Designed to Last Forever.

Our customization process isn't about altering dimensions. It's about reimagining your space with a rug that fits flawlessly. 

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Inspiration, Innovation & Invitations

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