Fast Track Rugs

Our 2024 Rug Collection embraces a mono-material polyester construction which makes our rugs not only high-quality but also fully recyclable – a new blend of materials in a new era of design and sustainability.

The collection epitomizes the harmony between exquisite textures and sublime colours. Each component is chosen to infuse meaning and vitality. From flamed to loop pile yarns and disordered weaves which create a striking relief.

Our rugs are masterpieces designed with an unwavering pursuit of perfection. Each rug is a fusion of art and material, harmonizing aesthetics and tactile experience where every style narrates a story and patterns and textures intertwine.

Join us in embracing a new generation of environmentally friendly rugs, where beauty meets responsibility, ensuring a delightful and sustainable interior choice for all

Available in 2-3 working weeks if in stock.

Please always check stock levels with us before placing an order.