mad men - cracks

Madison Avenue runs between Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Since the Twenties, it has been the centre of the American advertising industry.

The Madison Men were the golden boys of the Sixties, who “dreamed up” the images of the iconic brands of the USA.

Inspired by this theme, we have created a new collection of “Vintage Sixties” rugs.

. It is the way the advertising industry pictures society: More, better, higher, richer …Over a century of skill and craftsmanship is woven into every rug we produce. Each beautiful rug has multiple layers of texture, distressed areas and intricate stitching detail to give a true ‘vintage’ look.

Woven in a fashionable flat weave construction, all our rugs are hand finished with reinforced corners and an anti-slip layer for a secure fit. There is a superb choice of sizes available too, ensuring there is a size just right for every room in the home.

8723 - dark pine
8618 - deep mine
8629 - abyss blue

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