Hand Made / Hand Crafted Rugs

Our bespoke rugs are all handcrafted in England by professionals with years of experience, using traditional craftsmanship methods.

‘We understand that a bespoke rug is an investment’

We produce high-quality rugs and are confident they will last a lifetime. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten’.

Design Experience in Hand Made Rugs

Sustainability is at the forefront of all our hand made rug designs.

We want your rug to last a lifetime and believe that design and longevity go hand in hand. We have 20 years’ experience in the bespoke rug and flooring industry and know what designs work best – especially when creating bespoke rugs for use in a heavy traffic environment. Combining our expert and creative knowledge of making rugs, we endeavour to advise and guide you through the whole design process, whilst striving to achieve and follow your design vision.

Example of Bespoke Rug by Clerkenwell Rug StudioAdobe, on the frame.

Sustainable Material used in all our Bespoke Rugs

We often get questioned if we ever use wool from British sheep and the answer is yes, and we would like to use it more often! For projects where designers are looking for a rug with a more ‘natural’ aesthetic, we suggest using 100% Herdwick wool, which comes from the Herdwick Sheep, native to the Lake District. They have a unique thick bristle fibre which is a great insulator and extremely hard-wearing. However, because the texture of this wool is more course and darker in colour, it is difficult to dye and achieve a better colour pay off.

Sustainable materials used in our rugs

The wool from New Zealand sheep, on the other hand, have a much ‘whiter’ coat and a greater ability to absorb the dye. This produces the best clarity in colour and a high lustre. The longevity of the dye in wool rugs remains more vibrant than other rug materials. Therefore, the majority of our rugs with a bold design and use of lots of colours, are made using 100% New Zealand wool, spun into a 3-ply yarn (the most durable).

The backing of our rugs is made from a jute-hessian (derived from a plant) and glued using natural latex from trees. In total, our rugs are made from 95% renewable sources and are 100% recyclable – you will never find our rugs in a landfill site.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about the sustainability of wool, check out the Campaign for Wool Story here.

Low Maintenance & Hard-Wearing

A key benefit of wool is its long-lasting durability.

To extend your rug life and to ensure it always looks young, fit and healthy we offer a Rug Stain Protection treatment. This treatment coats the fibres of the rug and prevents stains from spillages and dirt.

Facilities Managers will love the fact that a cup of coffee or a glass of wine can be mopped up easily and your rug still looks as good as new. This treatment contains no nasty chemicals or VOCs and subsequently has been awarded the Well Building accreditation. This international measurement assesses features within a building that impact health and wellbeing with the aim of providing a healthier work environment.

Supporting British Business

Our studio proudly supports British craftsmanship and hand-tufting as all of our bespoke rugs are made in England. We have a low carbon footprint because we don’t rely on using a shipping or air freight to deliver our rugs.

We are fully transparent and have complete control throughout the whole delivery process, which also means that our lead times are very competitive compared to those manufactured abroad.

As Clerkenwell Rug Studio celebrates 6 years working with leading architects and designers, we look back to some of our first projects. We are incredibly proud to say that our rugs are still looking as good today as they were when they were first installed in 2014.