Clerkenwell Rug Studio Team


Having 20 years of insightful experience and gaining specialised knowledge of the bespoke rug and carpet industry, from the manufacturing process to working closely with the A&D community, Rachael saw the opportunity for architects and designers to work with the talented homegrown craftspeople of Britain, with a long heritage of producing high quality rugs, that can be completely bespoke and suitable for commercial environments.

In 2014, Clerkenwell Rug Studio was born, and with more architects and creative businesses per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, where else but Clerkenwell would we be! Since then, CRS has gone from strength to strength working with Coca Cola, VITRA, KING, Ballymore Properties, Google, Deloitte, Adidas and Spotify.


After studying jewellery making in Portugal, Diogo decided to further his studies in Jewellery and pursue his passion for design and in 2017 he moved to London. The creative flow and constant buzz of Clerkenwell made him fall in love with the world of interior design and architecture.

His passion for handcrafted works of art translates to the rug world! Albeit, in a different medium, the craftsmanship and techniques used in the making of British bespoke rugs are singular. Which Diogo finds particularly fascinating.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, only recently Diogo has been able to experience the social side of the industry. He loves to build relationships with those around him.

Diogo joined Clerkenwell Rug Studio in 2021, where he is free to express his creativity and to meet and build relationships with different people every day. In his spare time, he loves to draw and design pieces of jewellery.


Alice was introduced, and quickly fell in love with the world of interior design and architecture, after graduating from the University of York with a degree in Philosophy. Having always had a creative nature, Alice started working as a Showroom & Events Co-ordinator for a flooring manufacturer, where she gained a wealth of knowledge and had a lot of fun with the A&D community!

Alice recently joined Clerkenwell Rug Studio as a Sales & Marketing Representative, where she can exercise her creativity and feel constantly inspired by the fast-paced industry – there’s never a dull moment in Clerkenwell! On the weekends Alice loves nothing more than going on a long run, having just completed her first marathon earlier this year, she’s already signed up for her next one in October.


Sallie and Louise are the cogs that keep the business operations running like clockwork. Both bring with them experience that stems from a background in blue chip, multi-nationals as well as having involvement in small, agile, start-ups and are aware of the challenges each face.

They are sticklers for detail with an approach that keeps the client as their focus: they pride themselves on delivering a first-class service every time an order is placed