Rachael Connolly - Clerkenwell Rug Studio

Passion for Design

After 10 years working in the bespoke rug and carpet Industry, I gained specialised knowledge of the textile, manufacturing process and how to work closely with the A&D community, advising on colour, design and the beautiful different textures that can be achieved by taking advantage of new technologies when creating a bespoke rug.

I became aware that potential competitors were either well-known rug designers or famous international fashion designers.

What kept coming back to me, however was the UK based designers with huge talent and the fantastic homegrown craftspeople with a long heritage in manufacturing. British high quality rugs and carpets were not being showcased.

So I came up with an idea that I could help marry the designers and the craftspeople. The economic climate was ripe and we are in the right place at the right time – Clerkenwell has more architects and creative businesses per square mile than anywhere on the planet!

In 2014 I founded Clerkenwell Rug Studio and it’s gone from strength to strength. Some of my recent clients include Coca Cola, KPMG, VITRA, KING, Ballymore Properties, The Hadley Property Group and Christian Louboutin.

Design. A Way Of Life

Our bespoke rug service delivers to your exact requirement

RUG ADDICTS – we are delighted that we get repeat business from designers who once they try it once….they love to create rugs in special colours and textures for their clients.