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Custom Cut Eco Rugs

designed to last forever

Custom Cut Fast Track Area Rug area rug

Transform any space with our Fast Track EcoRugs, already fabulous in their standard sizes but utterly unique when tailored just for you. Whether you're dealing with an awkward area or have a distinct shape in mind, our master craftsmen are ready to bring your vision to life.

Our customization process isn't just about altering dimensions. It's about reimagining your space with a rug that fits flawlessly. Choose your favourite design from our collection, and we'll tailor it to your exact specifications. From precise cuts to meticulous hand-finishing, we ensure every detail reflects your vision
while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Words can only say so much, but a picture? It speaks volumes. Below, you'll find a gallery of completed projects that showcase the transformative power of a perfectly customized EcoRug.


Inspiration, Innovation & Invitations

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