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Transforming Tradition: The Impact of Handmade Area Rugs in Modern Victorian Home Décor

Rachael Connolly

2 min read

Mar 19



Project Overview

Nestled in the vibrant and fashionable Crouch End, North London, a Victorian house received a modern touch with a bespoke handmade rug designed and created by Clerkenwell Rug Studio. Tasked by high-end residential designers, the project aimed to infuse contemporary elegance while enhancing the warmth and comfort of this family home.

Area Rug in Blues and Greys Handmade in England
Area Rug in Blues and Greys Handmade in England

The Challenge

Victorian homes, with their historical charm and distinctive architectural details, often feature dark wooden floors that, while beautiful, can make living spaces feel colder and less inviting. The challenge was to introduce a modern element that would not only complement the home’s character but also add a layer of warmth and comfort to its interiors.

Clerkenwell Rug Studio's Solution

Embracing the task, Clerkenwell Rug Studio designed a hand-tufted rug that beautifully marries modern design with the home's Victorian essence. The chosen palette of blues and greys was aimed at creating a serene and soothing atmosphere, perfectly balancing the rich tones of the original wooden floors. The organic design of the rug introduced a contemporary vibe that was both elegant and timeless.

The Result

The result was a large, exquisite handmade rug that transformed the living space. It covered the dark wooden floors with a layer of softness and warmth, instantly making the room more welcoming and comfortable for family gatherings. The modern design of the rug seamlessly integrated with the house's Victorian charm, proving that contemporary and traditional elements could coexist harmoniously.

The Impact

The impact of the rug went beyond its visual appeal. It became a central piece in the home, offering comfort and warmth that was especially appreciated by the youngest family member, 6-year-old Eliza, who wholeheartedly approved of the new addition. The rug not only enhanced the aesthetic of the home but also improved its liveability, proving the power of thoughtful design and craftsmanship.


This project by Clerkenwell Rug Studio exemplifies how handmade area rugs can transform residential spaces, blending modern designs with traditional settings to create homes that are both beautiful and comfortable. The Victorian house in Crouch End stands as a testament to the studio's expertise in crafting bespoke rugs that meet the unique needs and tastes of their clients, making every piece a personal and integral part of the home.

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