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Adobe Flagship Office - Bespoke Area Rugs Handmade in England

Rachael Connolly

2 min read

Mar 4



A Collaboration Between Clerkenwell Rug Studio and Gensler

Project Overview

In the heart of London's trendy Shoreditch, Adobe unveiled its new flagship office within the innovative White Collar Factory. This project marked a significant collaboration between Clerkenwell Rug Studio, under the leadership of founder Rachael Connolly, and the globally recognized architectural firm, Gensler.

The Challenge

Adobe's vision for their new space was not just to be another office but a beacon of design excellence and sustainability. The challenge was to create an environment that promoted well-being, leveraging natural light and cosy areas while adhering to strict sustainability principles.

Multi coloured geometric design Area Rug
Rachael Connolly with Adobe White Collar Factory Handmade Bespoke Area Rug Contract Rated

Clerkenwell Rug Studio's Solution

Clerkenwell Rug Studio, known for its passion for dynamic and creative rug solutions, was brought on board to add warmth and texture to the Adobe office. Specializing in both commercial and residential projects, Clerkenwell offered a high level of service, guiding designers through their simple yet effective design process. This included creating hand trials and artwork for designers, as well as offering specification advice to ensure the final handmade in England products were perfectly aligned with the project's goals.

The Result

The collaboration resulted in the creation of bespoke rugs handmade in England from natural fibres, crafted by exceptionally talented British artisans. These rugs played a pivotal role in achieving the office's aim of promoting well-being. Their placement throughout the Adobe office not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also contributed to the overall health and happiness of the employees.

Sustainable Excellence

The Adobe White Collar Factory project was awarded a BREEAM 2014 outstanding rating, highlighting its commitment to sustainability. Clerkenwell Rug Studio's contribution, with their focus on natural materials and local craftsmanship, underscored the project's environmental ethos.


Clerkenwell Rug Studio's collaboration with Gensler on Adobe’s flagship office stands as a testament to the power of creative partnerships in achieving design excellence. The project not only fulfilled its functional and aesthetic goals but also set a new standard for sustainable office design, proving that spaces can be both beautiful and responsible.

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